YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia overthrows pro-UAE leader in Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, Nov. 19 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia has overthrown the most prominent military leaders loyal to the UAE in the Hadramout province in eastern Yemen.

On Saturday, the “Presidential Leadership Council” loyal to the Saudi-led coalition issued a decision to appoint Talib Saeed Bargash, commander of the “Second Military Region” in the city of Mukalla, instead of Fayez Al-Tamimi, who is loyal to the UAE, who was appointed as an advisor to the Minister of Defense in the pro-coalition government.

On the other hand, journalist Majid Al-Kathiri confirmed that the leadership of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions in Aden sent dozens of members to the city of Mukalla, the center of the Hadramout province.