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Saudi newspaper : Sudanese athlete shot dead in Qatar

SANAA, July 9 (YPA) – The Sudanese bodybuilding champion, Mohamed Abdellatif Gigi, was shot dead near Sadd Club in capital Doha of Qater state, according to the Saudi newspaper of Okaz.

The Sudanese hero, residing in Qatar, and the winner of several championships and medals bodybuilding was not known for any political activity, but the secrecy of the Qatari security services on the circumstances of his mysterious death raised a number of doubts and concerns within his family, Until now, who did not receive any information about the circumstances of his death and the fate of the perpetrators.

The Qatari security services tried on Saturday to leak information on social networks that Giqi had become a victim of a traffic accident, But those who know Giqi confirmed that he was killed by several bullets in the club after watching the match between England and Sweden.



Sameera Hassn