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Abdulsalam calls on Arab, Islamic regimes to bear slightest responsibility to deter Zionist enemy

SANAA, Nov. 10 (YPA) – Ansarallah spokesman – head of the Yemeni national negotiating delegation – Mohammad Abdulsalam, called on Arab and Islamic regimes to bear the slightest responsibility towards deterring the Zionist criminal entity.

“Making justifications and excuses of the American support is not enough, ” The Zionists know very well that what is around them is only a sound phenomenon, so they commit the most horrific crimes that make the stones cry before the humans. If Arab, Islamic regimes assume responsibility, crimes of the Zionists won’t continue,” Mohammed Abdulslam said in a post on His X account on Friday.

He affirmed that Yemen will continue to stand with Palestine, no matter the cost.

Abdulsalam asked Arabs and Muslims to review their positions radically and realize that this world will only respect those who respect themselves, their people and their cause.

He explained that those who abandon their religious and national constants are the subject of ridicule and mockery of the world.