YEMEN Press Agency

Pro-security official survives assassination in Dhalea

DHALEA, Nov. 07 (YPA) – A security official loyal to the Saudi-led coalition survived an assassination attempt by members of the UAE-backed factions in Dhalea Governorate in central Yemen on Monday.

Informed local sources reported that the acting head of the so-called “Security Committee—Director of Political Security in Dhalea, which is controlled by the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions, Abdulqawi Al-Zubair, was shot by members of the factions at Al-Widad point following his attempt to arrest a wanted man who was taking shelter with one of the faction leaders named “Nader Muhammad Muqbil,” nicknamed “Al-Battat.”

The sources indicated that the leader, “Al-Battat,” works as an official for the “Second Sector” of the Security Belt factions, and he is behind the protection of those with previous convictions accused of various crimes and cases.

It is noteworthy that Al-Zubair has survived numerous assassination attempts, the most recent of which was the bombing of two cars in December last year that were parked next to his house.