YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia creates military brigade in Abyan to confront STC

ABYAN, Oct. 29 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia has created the first military brigade for Dera al-Watan forces, which it established from extremist Salafist groups in UAE factions-held Abyan province.

Southern sources familiar with the matter said that the leadership of the Saudi forces present in Aden directed the leadership of Dera al-Watan forces to form a new military brigade at the headquarters of the “Al-Amajid Brigade” affiliated with Al-Islah Party in Lawdar district, east of the province.

The sources indicated that the Saudi forces assigned the “Staff of War of the Al-Amajid Brigade” to Ahmed Ali Omar Al-Damani, one of the prisoners who was released in an exchange deal between Sanaa and the coalition last April, to lead the “Brigade.”

Saudi Arabia is seeking to restore the Islah camps in the various districts of Abyan after they were controlled by the UAE-backed armed factions in the so-called “Arrows of the East” operation in August 2022.

This came after the factions of the UAE-funded Southern Transitional Council (STC) engaged in armed confrontations with terrorist elements in Mudiyah district in the same province, which led since to killing and wounding nearly 530 factions of STC due to explosive devices.