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Statistics of 3,130 days of coalition war on Yemen released

SANAA, Oct. 21 (YPA) – The Eye of Humanity Center for Rights and Development has on Thursday released a report detailing the statistics of the Saudi-led aggression coalition against Yemen, spanning 3,130 days.

According to the Center’s statistics, the total number of casualties during these 3,130 days of the coalition aggression stands at 49,186 civilians. This includes 18,273 killed and 30,913 injured.

Among the victims, 4,106 children have lost their lives, and 4,876 have been injured. Additionally, 2,474 women were killed, and 3,019 were injured. Furthermore, 11,693 men were killed, and 23,18 were injured.

The Center’s data also documents that the US-Saudi aggression targeted various civilian structures, including 611,399 homes, 185 university facilities, 1,802 mosques, 388 tourist facilities, and 423 hospitals and health facilities.

The US-Saudi aggression also led to the destruction of 1,305 schools and educational facilities, 12,368 agricultural fields, 145 sports facilities, 266 archaeological sites, and 63 media facilities.

Over the course of 3,130 days, the coalition aggression had devastating effects on infrastructure, targeting 15 airports, 16 ports, 350 electricity stations and generators, 620 communication networks and stations, 3,273 tanks and water stations, 2,122 government facilities, and 7,739 roads and bridges.

The Center noted that the coalition aggression did not spare economic sectors, targeting 412 factories, 394 fuel tankers, 12,368 commercial facilities, 473 chicken and livestock farms, 10,653 means of transportation, and 485 fishing boats.

Furthermore, the Center reported that 1,036 food stores, 430 gas stations, 708 markets, and 1,122 food trucks were also among the targets of the coalition aggression during these years.