YEMEN Press Agency

Extended meeting in Sanaa discusses fronts’ support

SANAA, July 7 (YPA) – Scholars, sheikhs, members of local authority and social figures on Saturday held a meeting under slogan “Defending the western coast is responsibility of all” to discuss the continuing of support for fronts.

Governor of the capital Sanaa, Hamoud Obad, said that the mobilization for fronts to confront the Saudi-led coalition, especially in the western coast, is the only option and a priority to enhance the steadfastness of fighters.

For his part, Chief of the Tribal Cohesion Council, Dhaifullah Rasam, confirmed keenness of Yemen tribes to confront the coalition through continuing in mobilization and strengthening the internal front.

Head of Yemen Scholars Association, Shams al-Din Sharaf al-Din, called on scholars to urge people to back fronts with men and money to liberate Yemeni land from the occupiers.