YEMEN Press Agency

Overfishing ships tighten noose on Yemeni fishermen 

SANAA, Oct. 02 (YPA) – A number of Yemeni fishermen have expressed their dissatisfaction with the unjust fishing and destruction of fish wealth in Yemeni waters by foreign ships.

The fishermen confirmed in their complaint that these criminal acts are still continuing amid suspicious silence from the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition.

Yemeni fishermen complained that they did not get fish during the fishing season, in which all kinds of fish multiply, such as sardines, tuna, and other favorite fish that they used to get.

They explained that there are foreign fishing vessels that are constantly working to catch the best fish in the Yemeni seawater in violation of the laws.

The fishermen indicated that the desired fish in the local market had decreased significantly as a result of what they called overfishing by foreign ships.

Foreign giant ships and boats are found in the depths of the sea, where there are types of fish such as “Thamd”, which is available in deep areas in the Gulf of Aden and the coast of Shoqra in Abyan province, and also near Mahra province, the vicinity of Socotra Island, and Bab Al-Mandab.