YEMEN Press Agency

Angry protest in Shihr city condemns collapse of services

HADRAMOUT, Sept. 25 (YPA) – The city of Shihr in Hadramout Governorate witnessed a mass protest on Sunday, rejecting and denouncing the collapsed living standards, the  deterioration of economic conditions and the decline in services, especially electricity and water.

The protesters pointed out that the authorities of the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the province were clearly unable to meet the citizens’ service requirements and intervene to alleviate their living suffering, and remained a spectator to the dire and frightening situation that has befallen the people.

The protest, which was organized by the “Ahrar Movement” in the city of Shihr, stressed the need to open the port of Shihr, which is the vital and main port of the city, in order to dedicate its revenues to the revival of the economy and trade, and generates benefits for the authority, provides job opportunities, as well as opening Al-Rayyan Airport completely to navigational traffic.

The protesters called for the revocation of the fuel price increase, especially since diesel was produced locally.

They emphasized that the decision to rise the prices of oil derivatives in Yemen’s largest crude oil-producing governorate, can only happen in light of rampant corruption and irresponsibility.

The protesters also called for the dismissal of the Oil Company’s manager due to repeated increases in oil derivatives prices without prior notice or an explanation of that increase.