YEMEN Press Agency

Report: 2 civilians killed child injured in 7 Saudi-led airstrikes , cluster bomb on Friday

SANNA, July 6 (YPA) – Two civilians were killed and a child was injured in 7 Saudi-led coalition airstrikes and a cluster bomb hit several province of Yemen on Friday, according to official and Medic reports combined by Yemen Press Agency.
In Hodeidah, two civilians were killed and others injured were injured when an airstrikes targeted a motorcycle in Sowaiq market of Tuhaita district.
In Saada, a child was injured when a cluster bomb, earlier dropped by coalition warplanes, exploded in Maali area of Baqem district.
Also in Saada, the warplanes launched two strikes on Boqea area.
Meanwhile, several areas of Baqem district were shelled by artillery and missile, damaging civilians’ properties.
In Najran, the fighter jets of Saudi-led coalition launched two strikes on Boqea and a strike on Taleaa Site.

Sameera Hassn