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Islah military leaders attack company owned by son of Major General Mahmoud Al-Subaihi in Taiz

TAIZ, Sept. 24 (YPA) – SASCO Gas Supply Company, owned by the son of former Defense Minister Mahmoud Al-Subaihi, reported that it was brutally attacked by military leaders affiliated with the Taiz axis loyal to the Islah Party.

The company confirmed in a statement that the so-called (Amin Tawfiq Abdul Rahim and an armed gang led by Bakr Sadiq Sarhan and Sultan Al-Mikhlafi )– most of them leaders in the Taiz axis  affiliated with Islah party ( Muslim Brotherhood) – stormed, on Friday (at 2:10 pm) the company’s yard in Al-Dhabab area in Taiz countryside.

They opened fires, expelled workers and threatened the Bucklin driver, forcing him to demolish the fence and buildings. They also looted the content of the company.

The company said that it had informed the Dhabab Police Department and the Taiz axis of the incident, and two cars and three people, including (Amin Tawfiq Abdul Rahim), were seized and transferred to the Military Police.

The company called on the concerned authorities to arrest all assailants in order to take deterrent legal measures against them, and to provide protection to avoid repeating such acts.