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Transitional Council: revolution against Hadi coming

ADEN, July 4 (YPA) – The president of the southern transitional council, Eidros al-Zubaidi, referred to a coming revolution against the government of Ben Dagher in the city of Aden, describing the government of “Ben Dagher as a government appointed from Riyadh hostile.
Zubaidi confirmed the deep disagreement between the Southern Transitional Council and the government of Hadi, because of what he called the suffering of the southerners, expressing the unease of the Council of recent understandings between the UAE and the government, in an interview with “Erm News.”

Zubaidi explained that the government is hostile, and there will be no solutions coming only after dismissal it.

Zubaidi revealed an upcoming revolution against the government similar to the events of January caused by the government of Hadi, confirming that Hadi government is still in Aden due to the coalition forces.

He also called on the coalition forces to stop protecting Hadi gang, according to his speech.

Aden province is witnessing an unprecedented military mobilization between the two sides of the Hadi forces and the Transitional Council as well as the situation threatens a bloody disaster in Aden, especially after the UAE occupation’s permit to return of Hadi.

Sameera Hassn