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Foreign Minister Meets EU Delegation Head

SANAA, July 4 (YPA) – Foreign Minister, Hisham Sharaf, on Wednesday met with the head of the European Union delegation to Yemen, Antonia Calvo-Puerta .
Calvo-Puerta’s visit comes as part of the European Union’s efforts to solve the worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen through a peaceful political solution.
In the meeting, Sharaf pointed out that the position of the European Union is respected and appreciated, explaining that the Supreme Political Council and the Government of Salvation continue to extend the hand of peace.
Sharaf pointed out to the inhuman works practiced by the exeile President’s government against the citizens and the increase in their suffering and the latest decision to stop dealing with passports issued during the period 2016-2017, considering this as a flagrant violation of one of the most important principles of human rights, including the right to travel.
For her part, Calvo-Puerta confirmed the position of the Union that there is no military solution in Yemen and that the solution is political and peaceful.
Sameera Hassn