YEMEN Press Agency

Pro-coalition conscript assassinated in Taiz city

TAIZ, July 06 (YPA) – Unknown gunmen on a motorcycle assassinated a soldier loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in Taiz, southern Yemen, on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses stated that the conscript, Rashid Al-Sharoub, was slain instantly by unidentified shooters on a motorbike in the Bir Basha neighborhood.

Another soldier was injured in the incident, and the gunmen fled after committing the crime, according to eyewitnesses.

This comes only one day after a gunman riding a motorcycle murdered the leader in Islah Party, Sheikh Ali Muhammad al-Haisi, in the seaside city of Mocha.

Taiz province under the control of the coalition forces has been witnessing a security breakdown and the increasing of assassinations, murders, and conflicts over market revenues between the pro-coalition factions.