YEMEN Press Agency

Southern Transition Council send military reinforcements to Yemen’s Aden

ADEN, July 4 (YPA) – Southern Transition Council backed by United Arab of Emirates (UAE) occupation forces sent military reinforcement to the City of Aden on Tuesday, according to Yemen press Agency’s reporter in Aden province.
The reinforcements came from Yafa’i tribe of Yemen’s Lahj province, the reported added.

He also confirmed that Yafa’i tribe sent two military brigades headed by the Colonel “Jalal al-Rubaie and the commander Saleh al-Sayyid to back the Southern Transition Council forces in Aden.

The move came amid tensions raised between Hadi’ forces and the separatist movement after ISALH party sent hundreds of its militias to Aden to protect Hadi in Al-Ma’ashwq palace.

The reporter indicated that these reinforcements are to protect the STC headquarters as well as to enforce its existence in Yemen’s Aden.

According to the sources, there will be secret talks during the coming hours between the leadership of the coalition forces, and the Transitional Council in Aden, but did not disclose the nature of these negotiations.

According to a military and political analysts, they said that Aden will witness dramatics event in the coming days between Hadi’s forces and Southern Transition council forces, after The UAE occupation forces get rid of Hadi’s presidential protection brigades and sent them to the western coast front.