YEMEN Press Agency

Considerable military forces belonging to ISALH Party arrive to Aden

ADEN, July 3 (YPA) – Sources in Yemen’s Aden province revealed to Yemen Press Agency (YPA) that considerable military forces belonging to the ISALH Party coming from Marib central province arrived to the city of Aden.

The sources confirmed that Major General of the Muslim Brotherhood Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar sent hundreds of ISALH party militias to Aden at the request of the outgoing president “Hadi” to protect him after UAE occupation forces forced him to send some of his presidential protection brigades to reinforce its failure in the west coast battle.

The sources indicated that these forces were deployed into the Heavy Transport Brigade camp and Al-Sawban military camp during the first phase.

Other sources said that the sending of military forces to the city of Aden comes in anticipation of an attack by the Transitional Council STC troops backed by UAE occupation forces against the Ma’asheq Palace in Aden where Hadi is now.

On the other side, the UAE-backed forces seized a truck loaded with qualitative weapons including Sniper Rifles, explosive devices, and quantities of high-explosive Sefor, in addition to boxes filled with live ammunition.

According to the sources, Hadi’s interior minister directed to release the truck that came from Marib, and if they do not let the truck goes, he will use force against them.