YEMEN Press Agency

Farm workers’ remains scatter on trees in coalition’s raid on Hajjah

HAJJAH, JULY 3 (YPA) – Three farm workers were killed on Tuesday and their remains scattered on trees in a raid waged by a drone of Saudi-led coalition on Hajjah province, a local source told Yemen Press Agency.

The drone airstrike, which targeted a farm in Hiran district of Hajjah, also led to the wounding of two other workers, one of them in a critical condition, according to the source.

The source said that the coalition is trying to create a panic among the people in Hajjah to prevent them from going to their farms through repeated targeting of farms.

He called for international investigation to reveal to the world the indiscriminate killing practiced by the coalition against civilians in Hajjah and Yemen in general.

Earlier the day, the coalition’s warplanes hit a wedding party in Ghafer area of al-Dhaher district of Saada province, killing 11 civilians, and injuring over 11 others, including women and children.