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Sanaa warns of dangerous agreement between Riyadh, pro-coalition government

SANAA, June 09 (YPA) – The Ministry of Fisheries in the Sanaa government warned on Friday of the consequences of Saudi Arabia signing an agreement with the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition, which could lead to catastrophic health and environmental risks for Yemen.

The Ministry said in a statement that the signing of any agreement to contain nuclear radiation resulting from toxic waste between the Saudi Nuclear Authority and what it described as a “mercenary government” would lead to a major environmental disaster due to the impact of the Saudi waste that has been and would be buried in desert and marine areas in Yemen.

The statement accused the Saudi regime of using Yemen as a testing ground for international prohibited weapons, including cluster bombs, incendiary munitions, and nuclear weapons, with American, Zionist, and Western support.

The Ministry of Fisheries reported that foreign ships dumping toxic and chemical waste caused the deaths of thousands of tons of fish and the destruction of coral reefs and the marine environment on the coasts of Aden province. It added that radiation was monitored in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea.

The statement considered those endeavors to turn Yemen into a dump of toxic waste a crime against humanity, calling on the international community to take urgent measures to protect the environment and the population from that toxic waste.