YEMEN Press Agency

Activists call for mass protest against economic collapse

ADEN, June 09 (YPA) – Activists called for mass demonstrations against the silence of the government loyal to Saudi-led coalition on the country’s economic collapse.”

The call came after the US dollar reached 1,349 Yemeni riyals for sale and 1,338 for purchase, while the Saudi riyal reached 356 riyals for sale and 354 riyals for purchase, according to the financial transaction exchange.

During the past week, the Yemeni currency witnessed an accelerated decline, preempted by traders by raising prices by 10% percent, which added more burdens on the shoulders of citizens, who suffer from a deficit in securing their basic needs since the local currency entered a state of deterioration in August 2018.

Al-though the Yemeni riyal has lost 539% of its value in areas, which are under the control of the coalition, wages and salaries have not received any increase to keep pace with rising prices.