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Saudi Arabia takes first steps to overthrow its alliance with Islah party in Hadramout

HADRAMOUT, May 28 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia took the first steps to overthrow its alliance with the Islah party in Hadramout, stripping the party of all its military and political powers.


Saudi Arabia is moving to deploy about 10,000 recruits from the so-called “Dera Al-Watan” factions in the valley districts in the coming days after celebrating today the graduation of a new batch of these factions in Hadramout.


This was confirmed by Ahmed Saeed bin Breik, vice president of the Southern Transitional Council (STC), who spoke in a television interview on Friday that there is an agreement to deploy the Dera Al-Watan” factions from the people of Hadramout in the valley districts instead of the “First Military Region” forces loyal to Islah.


Since October last year, Saudi Arabia has worked to re-embrace Islah militants as part of its battle against the UAE, which Riyadh had begun to dominate Yemeni areas under the control of the coalition. Before the balance of power changed in favor of Abu Dhabi again on the fourth of May.


It should be noted that the Islah party was excluded from the scene in southern and eastern Yemen by its coalition partners, and Riyadh seems to have returned to exclude the party, which has become the weakest link among the coalition partners in Yemen.