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Sources reveal presence of training camps for terrorist elements in Lahj

LAHJ, May 26 (YPA) – Informed sources revealed on Friday the presence of four training camps for terrorist elements “Al-Qaeda and ISIS” in one of the directorates of Lahj province, which is under the control of Saudi-led coalition, northeast of Aden.

The sources confirmed that the coalition worked to gather the terrorist elements in a camp in Hatib Valley in the Yafea district, as well as in three camps in remote areas near the districts of Al-Zaher and Thi Na’em in Bayda province.

The terrorist elements include dozens of foreign nationalities in their ranks, who receive training in those camps in coordination with militia leaders of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC).

According to the sources, “the coalition worked to assemble the terrorist elements who were in Bayda after they were cleared by Sana’a forces at the end of September 2021.”

Earlier in May, the commander of “Al-Wahbi Brigades”, Major General Bakil Saleh bin Saleh Al-Wahbi, had warned of a plan to redeploy terrorist groups in three Yemeni governorates “Lahj, Abyan and Shabwa” surrounding Bayda governorate.

He affirmed  that these elements received a new batch of US multi-use weapons, ammunition and funds to implement a plan targeting the security and stability of the people of Bayda.