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Parliament directs stern recommendations to Sanaa gov’t regarding cost of oil derivatives

SANAA, May 24 (YPA) – The Yemeni Parliament in Sanaa issued on Wednesday a number of unprecedented recommendations to the government regarding the cost of oil derivatives in light of the blockade imposed on the country by the Saudi-led coalition countries.

The parliament recommended the government not take any decisions related to price increases for oil derivatives without approval from the House of Representatives and that it is important to reduce oil derivatives prices according to the decline in global prices and follow up on that first to alleviate the suffering of citizens and take into account the exceptional circumstances of the country due to the war and blockade.

The Parliament recommended the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Oil and Minerals expedite the maintenance of oil berth No. 1 in the port of Hodeida, which was subject to the collision of the ship (Starlet) in 2015.

The Parliament directed the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to build the Ras Issa oil port to receive and unload large ships with cargo of 100 thousand tons or more.

The Parliament urged the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to transfer the Yemeni Gas Company’s facility in Hodeida to Ras Issa and establish tanks for unloading domestic gas.

The Parliament asked the Ministry of Oil and Minerals to provide contracts for the import and purchase of oil derivatives from tender advertisements for the import of oil derivatives.

The Parliament rejected any agreements or contracts concluded by the government in exile with companies or countries, and held the violators responsible for harming the interests of the Yemeni people, emphasizing Yemen’s right to sue them.