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Liquidity crisis targets Post Offices in Aden

ADEN, May 23 (YPA) – The Yemeni Post in the city of Aden, south of Yemen, is facing a financial crisis to pay the salaries of employees, which has raised a state of anxiety among citizens and employees who depend on salaries for their livelihood.

Local sources in the city revealed that a lot of the post offices refused to pay salaries to employees, in reference to the bankruptcy of this financial institution.

Southern media reported, according to sources in Aden Post, the lack of financial liquidity to pay salaries for this month, which raises fears of the repercussions of the crisis that the pro-coalition authority in southern Yemen is going through.

According to observers, the Yemeni Post in Aden and the coalition-held areas suffered many setbacks after it had stopped working for four years of the war and resumed its activities in 2019, but it still faces many financial problems from time to time.

They noted that the coalition-backed government printed an estimated amount of 2 trillion riyals in banknotes under the pretext of lack of liquidity, but the problem of lack of liquidity still exists in the areas under the control of the coalition, which led many to assert that the currency printed was nothing more than a plot to hit the Yemeni economy.

During the past days, economic sources expected the bankruptcy of the Central Bank of Aden in light of the continuation of destructive monetary and economic policies by the government loyal to the coalition.

The sources questioned the ability of the government loyal to the coalition to pay the dues of the employees in the coming months, especially the southern soldiers who were absorbed in the new settlement, numbering about 50 thousand people.