YEMEN Press Agency

“Popular Mobilization” launches large-scale operation to secure areas north of Baghdad

BAGHDAD, May 16 (YPA) – The Popular Mobilization Forces and the Iraqi security forces launched on Tuesday a large-scale security operation to pursue the remnants of the ISIS terrorist group north of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The “Popular Mobilization” website said: “A force from the 12th Brigade in the Popular Mobilization, in coordination with the security forces, is launching a wide security operation in the areas west of Tarmiyah, in search of the wanted persons and the remnants of the criminal ISIS elements, with the aim of securing the north of the capital, Baghdad.”

During searches and raids of areas west of the Tarmiyah district, a temporary guesthouse for the “ISIS” group was found, and areas that were a transit corridor for ISIS gangs during a recent period were secured, in addition to strategic land lines that were previously far from the reach of the security forces.