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First directorate in Shabwa declares civil disobedience against coalition’s authorities

SHABWA, May 14 (YPA) – People in first directorates of Shabwa governorate, which is under the control of the UAE-affiliated factions, announced on Sunday a comprehensive strike until their demands are met, vowing to escalate in the coming days.

Activists from Bayhan district confirmed that all shops will be closed as a part of the strike in addition to holding a demonstration on the main street of the city, in protest against the manipulation of the UAE-backed authorities in the course of the assassination of the director of the health office in the directorate, Abdullah Al-Bani, after he performed the sermon and prayer of Eid al-Fitr.

The organizers of the sit-in camp for tribes of Bayhan demanded the submission of all those accused of assassinating al-Bani from the factions of the “First Brigade of Shabwa Defense”, and the speed of their trial and the implementation of retribution against them, threatening to escalate in the coming days.

Since Eid al-Fitr, the sit-in camp for the people of Bayhan has received delegations from many Shabwa tribes who condemned the assassination of al-Bani and declared their solidarity with the al-Bani family.

It is noteworthy that a number of gunmen of the “First Brigade of Shabwa Defense” factions fired heavily on Abdullah al-Bani’s car after he performed the sermon and Eid al-Fitr prayer in the Bayhan chapel, killing him and wounding others on board his car.