YEMEN Press Agency

Angry demonstration breaks into Aden Maashiq palace

ADEN, March 31 (YPA) – An angry demonstration was launched on Friday by dozens of the sons of the city of Aden, south of Yemen, in protest against the power outage in the city.

Saleh Al-Obeidi, a journalist, said that groups of the protesters stormed the Maashiq Presidential Palace in the city and cut off the electricity supply to the palace.

Local sources in the city said that the protesters chanted slogans against the coalition-backed government, demanding the provision of electricity to the city, which has been suffering for years from the power outage crisis, without the coalition authorities providing any significant solutions to this crisis.

The coalition-held city of Aden is suffering from a stifling economic crisis, in addition to the lack of infrastructure, basic services, and the security chaos.

The coalition and its affiliated government have dealt with these crises and rejected any solutions that could alleviate the citizens.