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Sanaa defense ministry: If the enemy continues to evade and escalate, our response will be surprising

SANAA, March 23 (YPA) – The Ministry of Defense in Sanaa warned the Saudi-led coalition against its continued prevarication and escalation, stressing that the response will be surprising and they must take the warnings seriously.

This came in a joint statement issued by Minister of Defense Major General Mohammad Nasser Al-Atii and Chief of the General Staff Major General Mohammad Abdul-Karim al-Ghamari, to President Mahdi Al-Mashat, and the members of the Supreme Political Council.

“The sovereignty of our homeland and our wealth is a legitimate right that cannot be bargained upon, and we will sacrifice everything in order to defend it,” according to the statement.

“Our people will not accept the presence of a foreign occupier in any part of its geography, on land or at sea,” the statement said. “The coalition of aggression and its sponsors must take our warnings seriously.”

The Ministry of Defense and the Chiefs of Staff renewed the warning, saying: “If the enemy continues to evade and escalate with its mercenaries, our response will be surprising to it, and at that time it will not help it to regret.