YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa reveals new escalation by Saudi-led coalition

SANAA, March 23 (YPA) – The national Salvation Government has accused Saudi-led coalition forces of resuming escalation by obstructing the arrival of ships to the port of Hodeida, western Yemen.

Deputy Foreign Minister in the Sana’a government, Hussein al-Ezzi, said on Twitter: ” The UN Verification and Inspection Mechanism (UNVIM) has been obstructing the arrival of the ship (Lamar) for almost three weeks.”

He added: “The United Nations justifies to us – without any shame – that the UNVIM is still waiting for the instructions of the Saudi-led coalition.”

The Minister of Defense in the Sana’a government, Major General Mohammed Nasser Al Atifi vowed in the past hours, Saudi Arabia to adopt the equation of the port with the port if necessary to lift the blockade, stressing the that Yemeni people will not accept continuation of the blockade on the ports of Hodeida.