YEMEN Press Agency

3 members of STC militia killed, injured due to attack in Aden airport

ADEN, March 23 (YPA) – Three members of the Southern Transitional militia were killed and wounded, on Wednesday, in an armed attack in the city of Aden, which is controlled by the coalition.

A local source in the city confirmed that one of transitional members was killed and two others were wounded due to an attack by tribal gunmen from al-Sabiha, on the site of the new Aden airport, located in Ras Omran area of Buraiqa district, west of the city.

The sources stated that among the injured was the commander of the so-called “security belt,” Abdul Samad al-Omari, who was admitted to intensive care in a hospital in the city, due to his deteriorating health condition, in addition to the injury of another faction commander in the militia.

This comes after the outbreak of confrontations between the tribal militants and STC’ militia members, who seek to control the ground under the pretext of the so-called “New Aden Airport”, west of the city.