YEMEN Press Agency

Al-Alimi’s return to Hadramout postponed indefinitely

HADRAMOUT, March 22 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia postponed on Wednesday the return of the president of the Riyadh-formed “Presidential Council,” Rashad al-Alimi, to Hadramout province in eastern Yemen indefinitely.

This occurs after tensions between provincial leaders in the province have escalated.

Media sources reported that Al-Alimi’s return with members of the Presidential Council for Mukalla has been ruled out at the present time, attributing that to the failure of Faraj al-Bahsani, a member of the Presidential Council, to secure his return.

Saudi Arabia had pushed Al-Bahsani to return to arrange the security and military situation, and instead of calming the situation, Al-Bahsani entered into a conflict of powers with the governor of Hadramout, Mabkhout bin Madi, who is affiliated with the UAE.

Saudi Arabia believes, according to the sources, that this conflict may jeopardize the safety of Al-Alimi and the rest of the council members.