YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi Arabia creates camps inside its territory to train Aden sons

ADEN, March 19 (YPA) – Saudi Arabia has created two military brigades from sons of the city of Aden, south Yemen, in preparations for removing the UAE-affiliated Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia from the city.

Military sources familiar with the matter said that the leadership of the Saudi forces attracted nearly two thousand recruits from the people of Aden, Last January, and sent them to camps inside Saudi territory to train.

The sources stated that a number of Saudi and foreign officers working to train recruits from the people of Aden in Tabuk camp, north of the Kingdom, as part of its plan to fully control the city instead of the STC militia.

The sources expected the arrival of recruits from the sons of Aden in the coming weeks, and they would join the so-called “Dara’ al-Watan” forces, which is formed from extremist Salafist elements.

At the end of last January, Saudi Arabia had sent the first batch of Dara al-Watan forces to Aden, in which they managed to take control of Al-Shaab area, the largest district in the city.

Saudi Arabia seeks to dedicate the term “Aden is to the sons of Aden,” away from the regional STC militia coming from Dhalea and Yafa, in an effort to remove the STC leaders from the political and military scene in the southern provinces.