YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition loses new positions in Marib clashes

MARIB, March 18 (YPA) – Saudi-led coalition forces and its militants continue to suffer heavy casualties on fronts in south of Marib province.

Local sources in Marib province told the Yemeni Press Agency that units of Sanaa forces carried out a raid on the coalition’s positions in the south of the city of Marib, hours after they succeeded in confronting the coalition forces’ attacks.

According to the sources, Sanaa forces repelled a failed advance carried out by armed groups of UAE-backed “Al-Amaliqa Brigades forces and Sheba Axis recruits” towards the positions of Sanaa forces on the Harib front.

After fierce battles between the two sides, which led to casualties on both sides, Sanaa forces were able to impose their control over new military positions belonging to the coalition in the “Al-Yahmoom” area, west of Harib.

The sources pointed a number of senior commanders and recruits of the coalition were killed and injured.

According to the sources, Colonel Omar Al-Awlaqi, commander of the support battalion in the Al-Amaliqa Second Brigade “, and Salem Al-Muradi, commander of a company in the Sheba axis were killed the confrontations,   while the fate of the leader Naji Abdullah Hussein Al-Qubaisi, one of the leaders of the “Sheba axis”, is still unknown .

Fighting between the two sides are still raging on, the sources added.