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PM stresses importance of research work to develop agriculture in Yemen

SANAA, March 14 (YPA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, stressed the importance of research work to develop agricultural paths in Yemen, especially grains, legumes and vegetables.

This came during his meeting on Tuesday with the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation, Abdul-Malik Al-Thawr.

Bin Habtoor said that preserving Yemeni agricultural genes and research operations to develop and farm these categories in various Yemeni lands, is a great national responsibility and an important strategic work for the present and the future.

For his part, Minister of Agriculture explained that agricultural research and the Yemeni Seed and Agricultural Gene Bank of the Agricultural Research Corporation being conducted, through agricultural researchers, continuous experiments to select varieties suitable for Yemeni lands.

“All kinds of seeds of grains, vegetables, legumes and grasses are kept in the seed bank to preserve the genes of Yemeni crops,” Al-Thawr added, pointing out that Yemen is the main source of millet in the world.