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Yemen’s civil Alliance condemns Saudi coalition crimes in Hodeidah

HODEIDAH, July 1 (YPA) -The Yemeni civil Alliance foe monitoring the crimes of Saudi-led coalition aggression condemned on Sunday the coalition crimes in province of Hodeidah and considered it as war crimes against humanity.

The civil Alliance said at a press conference held in Hodeidah, which discussed the humanitarian situation of crimes of aggression and human rights abuses in the Western Coast, that dozens of criminal operations committed by coalition militants was monitored in a number of districts of Hodeidah.

The civil Alliance added: “We call on the relief organizations to play their role in providing displacement centers in Hodeidah, providing them with the reasons for life, the livelihood places and assistance to the people who refuse to move to other provinces.

The civil Alliance called on UNHCR, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and all United Nations organizations to support the return of the displaced people of Hodeidah and the Western Coast, also calling on the UNHCR and the Red Cross to respond urgently to the appeals of the people in Duraimi and investigate the humanitarian situation in a number of Duraheim areas.

Sameera Hassn