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Top commander loyal to coalition killed in Marib

MARIB, March 12 (YPA) – A prominent military commander loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in was killed on Wednesday in south of the city of Marib.

Local sources said that the commander, Abdullah Yosuf Badahri Balobeid, one of the officers of the Seventh Brigade of Shabwa Defense backed by the UAE, was killed in clashes erupted with Sanaa forces in the province.

The sources reported that the recruits of the so-called “Shabwa Defense Forces” launched an attack for the second straight week from their positions in Osaylan district of Shabwa and “Lasahib” area, east of the Harib district of Marib, towards the Sanaa forces’ sites in “Al-Bura” area, which Sanaa forces cleared on February 26.

The coalition forces lost many of their military leaders during their failed attacks 5 days ago towards the Harib district, including Ali Nasser Al-Amiri, Osama Hassan Al-Marrani, Ali Ahmed Al-Madasi, Mutaib Nasser Al-Amiri, and Hassan Ahmed Abdullah Al-Qubaisi.