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Sanaa comments on Mocha clashes, storming of Taiz city

SANAA, March 06 (YPA) – The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs in Sanaa, Hussein Al-Ezzi, commented on Monday on the Saudi-led coalition-backed factions’ fighting in Mocha district and the storming of in Taiz city.

Al-Ezzi said in a tweet on the Twitter” platform: “The clashes of Mocha and the storming of Taiz—and everything that is happening in our occupied lands—are a result of the chaos of small projects that the occupier moves with his toes.”

“These districts will enjoy the cover of the state only when it expels the occupier and the mercenaries and embraces the great Sanaa,” Al-Ezzi added.

Media sources revealed that the Islah Party militants loyal to the Saudi-led coalition forces managed to topple the most important districts of the Yemeni western coast controlled by Tariq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh (the nephew of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh), the commander of the UAE-backed militia there, in a move that could undermine the allegations of an agreement between the two parties.

The sources stated that partisan leaders staged popular demonstrations against Tariq Saleh in Thubab district.