YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa government condemns US activities in Mahra

SANAA, March 06 (YPA) – The National Salvation Government condemned the US-British-Saudi presence in Mahra Governorate for what it represents of aggression, occupation and violation of the sovereignty of Yemen.

The Cabinet affirmed on Sunday that the continued direct presence of American, British and Saudi forces in Al-Mahra and the rest of the provinces under occupation does not serve efforts to establish peace in Yemen, nor regional and international security and stability.

It called on the occupying and aggressor countries to prove by deeds, not by propaganda media statements, its seriousness in bringing peace to all the people of Yemen by leaving the lands and regions they occupy.

The Cabinet praised the valiant resistance of the people of Mahra led by Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi, and its national revolutionary and unitary approach and principles based on respect for the sovereignty of the Republic of Yemen.