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Yemeni adventurer climbs highest peaks in Africa

SANAA, March 06 (YPA) – Yemen’s athlete, adventurer and traveler, Ahmed Abdo Al Qasimi, has climbed the highest mountain peaks of Kilimanjaro in Africa, which rises 5892 meters above sea level, and he crossed the mountain in six days with a team of four people.

This adventure is considered the second for the traveler Ahmed Al-Qasimi, as he climbed to the top of the mountain in 2014, but with the camel that accompanied him on most of his trips, and this time he left his camel at the bottom of the mountain due to the lack of a permit from the Tanzanian government to climb the camel.

The traveler Al-Qasimi has many trips that began for more than thirty years, covering a distance of 50,000 kilometers, crossing the continent of Asia in the east and Africa in the south and west, and his climbing of Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the endless adventures in Al-Qasimi’s dictionary.