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Former Czech official: Actions of Biden administration led to creation of Russia-China alliance

WORLD, March.01 (YPA) – Former diplomat and former Deputy Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic Jaromir Novotny said the actions of the current American administration led to the creation of a bloc with the participation of Russia and China, and this is a serious mistake of the West.

In an interview with Radio Universum, he said despite large-scale sanctions against Russia have been in place for a year, but its economy has not collapsed. But the Indians and the Chinese continue to trade quietly with Russia.

According to him, Western sanctions only diverted trade eastward. Expressing its confidence, the West makes a mistake when it puts Russia in such a situation.

“He’s literally throwing it into the arms of China because (former US Secretary of State Henry – ed.) Kissinger managed to split the Soviet Union-China bloc and (US President Joe – ed.) Biden managed to create Russia.” -The Chinese bloc,” Novotny stressed.

He added, “ the United States bluntly says that its number one enemy is China, and that Europe must sort out its own relations with Russia because the Americans won’t have time for that.”

Asked why Western politicians took a series of steps that led to rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing, the former diplomat described them as “stupid”. “They are so blind that they make mistakes,” he said.

Novotny also added that the West, which recognizes Kosovo’s “independence”, has destroyed the entire international legal system, therefore not all rules work and “the right of the fittest” prevails.