YEMEN Press Agency

Thousands of Hodeida declare mass mobilization against coalition forces in western coast

SANAA, July 1 (YPA) – Thousands of people in Hodeidah on Sunday took to the streets in two protest rallies against the Saudi-led coalition forces and their militiamen , and declared mass mobilization to the western coast front.

The rallies took place in al-Zaidih and al-Dhahi districts.

At the rally, the protesters stressed on the importance of concerting efforts, strengthening the internal units and reinforcing the Yemeni army in the fronts to confront the Saudi-led coalition and invaders.

The participants reaffirmed that killing civilians and destroying the infrastructure of the Yemeni people by the coalition are war crimes, calling on the crowd to carry responsible towards the western coast and towards the homeland.

The protesters held banners and flags of Yemen, showing anger and popular discontent towards the coalition’s war crimes.

The participants condemned the silence of the international community and UN organizations towards the coalition’s violations in Yemen.