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Int’l community able to press for solution in Yemen: President

SANAA, June 30 (YPA) – President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Saturday said that the international community is able to press for finding a solution in Yemen.

“If the international parties were serious about finding a solution in Yemen, they could press the aggression states (Saudi-led coalition countries),” said the president during his meeting with the Swedish Foreign Ministry’s special envoy to Yemen and Libya, Ambassador Peter Semneby.

The president said that the political council offered many initiatives to prove that “the aim of the aggression coalition countries is to occupy and destroy Yemen, the last of which is what we offered in the topic of Hodeidah port.”

He pointed out that there are two parties to be affected by stopping the aggression on Yemen; an internal party that gets its legitimacy from the continuation of the aggression and the suffering of Yemeni people, and an external party, represented by the US and the pro-aggression countries, which do not want their arms export to stop.

In the meeting, al-Mashat welcomed the Swedish envoy, expressing his appreciation for the positive role of the Kingdom of Sweden toward the issue of Yemen.

The president voiced his hope that Sweden will play a significant role during the next stage in pushing the political process forward to find a solution and stop the aggression on Yemen, especially as it will head the Security Council for July 2018.

The president called on the United Nations to consider the suffering of Yemeni patients, who needs to travel abroad for treatment, and to work on reopening Sanaa Airport for civil flights.

The Swedish envoy offered condolences on the death of president Saleh al-Sammad, confirming that his country is very interested in the humanitarian aspect in Yemen and in finding a solution to end the war.

Semneby expressed his hope to stop the military escalation in the western coast and prevent the deterioration of the human situation.