YEMEN Press Agency

Armed confrontations renew in fronts of Taiz

TAIZ, Feb. 07 (YPA) – Armed clashes between Sanaa forces and the Saudi-led coalition forces resumed on Tuesday to the north, east, and west of Taiz city, in southern Yemen.

Local sources in Taiz told the “Yemeni Press Agency” that armed factions of the Islah Party militia launched an offensive from their positions in “Osifra” area east of Taiz toward the Sanaa forces’ positions in the “Salah” area.

According to the sources, the Sanaa forces were successful in repelling the assault and compelled the Islah militia groups to flee to their positions in Osifra.

The latest news from Taiz stated that the battles extended from Osifra north of Taiz city and Salah area in the east towards “Al-Aneen” and “Al-Ahtoub” areas in the west.

The sources added that the coalition forces bombed residential neighborhoods in Hathran area, west of the city.