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Sources: Stray and rabid dogs spread frighteningly in various faculties of Aden University

ADEN, Feb. 06 (YPA) – Local sources revealed a dangerous phenomenon invading Aden University, causing terror among hundreds of university students, which is under the control of the Saudi-led coalition militia.

According to the sources, herds of stray and rabid dogs are spreading frighteningly in various faculties of the University of Aden, which has turned into an environment that disturbs the lives of male and female students in the Khor Maksar area.

The sources considered that the presence of dogs in huge numbers on the campuses of the university’s faculties is a threat to the lives of students, .

The concerned authorities have not taken any measures, the sources said.

The sources indicated that one of the students was bitten by one of the dogs that attacked her while she was at the university during the past months, amid a state of resentment and repeated calls to limit the spread of dogs in order to preserve their safety.

It is noteworthy that the spread of rabid dogs at the University of Aden is an extension of the collapse of various basic services such as electricity, water and health, in addition to the security chaos that has plagued the city, which has been witnessing deliberate destruction since the coalition took control of Aden in the second half of 2015.