YEMEN Press Agency

PM discusses developments in Hadramout, Mahra with their governors

SANAA, Feb. 05 (YPA) – The Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, discussed on Sunday with the governors of Hadramout and Mahra provinces, Luqman Baras and Qatabi Ali Al-Farji, the developments of situation in the two occupied provinces.

The Prime Minister listened from the governors to an explanation about the general situation in Hadramout and Mahra under the Saudi-Emirati occupation, and behind them are the American and British ambitions in natural resources.

The two governors referred to the boiling state and popular discontent in Hadramout, Mahra and all the occupied southern and eastern provinces against the occupation, its agents and mercenaries, in light of the terrible and catastrophic deterioration of the living, security and service conditions and the continuation of conflicts between the occupier’s militias, especially in Hadramout.

The meeting touched on the conditions of the displaced and students coming from the southern and eastern provinces in general and from the two provinces in particular, and the importance of working to enhance the level of care for them and addressing their problem.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister affirmed the greatness of the national and historical responsibility borne by Sanaa since the first day of the aggression and siege on Yemen and its people, and the defense of the homeland and its sovereignty.

He appreciated the efforts of the governors and their continuous follow-up of the conditions of their two provinces and their communication with the political and social activities against the occupation, praising all the free people in the occupied provinces and regions who reject the presence of the Emirati Saudi occupiers.

Dr. bin Habtoor condemned the blatant practices of the ambassadors of America and Britain, their violations of national sovereignty and their direct communication with the puppet elements in the two provinces with the complicity of the puppet government in a way that serves the aspirations of the two countries in a way that is rejected by every dear free Yemeni.

He confirmed that the Salvation Government is working through its plans, programs and activities to keep pace with the aspirations of all the people of Greater Yemen within the limits of the available capabilities without discrimination between one province and another.