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Suspicious American movements in Aden threaten Yemen’s unity

SANAA, Feb. 03 (YPA) – Suspicious US moves continue in Yemen, raising concerns about the future of Yemen’s unity and the sovereignty of the Yemeni state.

According to a report made by Yemen Press Agency, it affirmed that a delegation from the American Democratic Institute held a meeting with the leadership of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council in the city of Aden, southern Yemen.

From the point of view of observers, it seems that the United States has continue to provide messages confirming that Washington does not object to positions that threaten the unity of Yemen.

The American delegation, headed by Regional Director of the American Democratic Institute in the Middle East and North Africa, Leslie Campbell, held a meeting with Fadl Al-Jaadi, a member of the Presidency of the STC, who is leading the STC’s leaders in the absence of Al-Zubaidi, and Ahmed Saeed bin Brik.

During the talks with the American delegation, Al-Jaadi found the opportunity to express the aspirations of the STC leaders to divide Yemen, calling on the Americans to support what he described as “the right of the people of the south to secede,” as well as affirming that “there is no peace in Yemen except with the two-state solution.” According to the southern media.

He also accused Rashad Al-Alimi, a head of the Saudi-formed Presidential Council, of monopolizing the decision of the council” and marginalizing the rest of the forces appointed by the Saudi-led coalition, adding that the failure of the coalition’s government to address the economic and service problem made the situation worse.

The discussions of the American Democratic Institute with the leadership of the STC came after exciting statements by the US envoy to Yemen, Tim Lenderking, last October, in which he said that “the issue of the unity or division of Yemen is a concern of the Yemenis. These statements have contradicted the speech of the US Secretary of State, during which he declared that his country would respect the Yemen’s unity and sovereignty.

Many observers believe that the American delegation’s meeting with the leaders of the Transitional Council does not deviate from the American context, which adopts evasiveness regarding Washington’s position towards the unity of Yemen.

The observers said that the STC militia, established by the coalition in Aden to adopt the issue of separation, would not have been born from the beginning, without the support and intentions of the United States and Britain to divide Yemen.