YEMEN Press Agency

Deputy PM for Services paid inspection visit to Hodeidah port

Hodeidah, June 29 (YPA) – Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Junaid, briefed on the operation of the port of Hodeidah and the destruction caused by the deliberate targeting of the port facilities by Saudi-led warplanes for the purpose of stopping it.

Al-Junaid  and others ministers listened to an explanation about the obstacles and arbitrary measures practiced by the countries of aggression to prevent the entry of ships loaded with foodstuffs and medicines for the relief of the Yemeni people in flagrant violation of all international laws and conventions that criminalize the targeting and disruption of humanitarian outlets.

Al-Junaid and his accompanying delegation from the Red Sea Ports’ vice president, Yehya Sharafeddin, also listened to an explanation about the progress of work in the port especially in light of the escalation of aggression on the West Coast.

The Red Sea Ports Foundation’s vice president, Yehya Sharafeddin, explained that the Foundation is working to receive all commercial vessels in accordance with the regulations and procedures followed by them in all international ports, adding that the Foundation provides all facilities for all vessels and will continue to operate with all its available capabilities despite the threats it faces.

The Deputy Prime Minister praised the efforts exerted by the Yemeni Red Sea Ports Foundation to conduct the work of the port, which is considered the main outlet for the Yemeni people, through which all basic needs of food, medicine, oil derivatives and humanitarian assistance are entered.


 Sameera Hassn