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JMP condemns pro-coalition decision to raise Price of customs dollar

SANAA, 16 (YPA) – The Joint Meeting Parties condemned the Pro-Saudi Government’s decision to raise the price of the customs dollar to 750 riyals, describing the decision as disastrous and illegal.

The JMP confirmed in a statement, Sunday, that among the repercussions of the decision is the increasing of the suffering of citizens in the north and south, and the rise in commodity prices in light of the aggression, siege, and the interruption of salaries.

The statement indicated that this decision represents targeting people of Yemen, especially those in the occupied areas, after raising the price of the customs dollar to 750 in the light of aggression, siege and economic war in people of Yemen.

The statement called on all merchants to stop importing goods from the port of Aden, and to go to import from the port of Hodeida, where the price of the customs dollar is only 250 riyals.