YEMEN Press Agency

Equation of no peace, no war in Yemen is no longer acceptable

SANAA, Dec. 26 (YPA) – A path of integrated confrontation with the Saudi-led coalition countries on the one hand, and the responsible engagement with any sincere efforts to make an honorable peace on the other hand, is taking a new dimension in light of the changes and the Omani mediation.

In an analysis issued by Yemen Press Agency affirmed that the path has been characterized by seriousness and rejection of the state of no peace and no war that the coalition countries are trying to make as a fait accompli.

The whole world is aware and knows the demands of Sanaa very well, and they are, in fact, just and legitimate demands, represented by paying employees’ salaries from oil and gas revenues, opening Sanaa airport, lifting the blockade on the ports of Hodeida, and ending any foreign presence on Yemeni soil. These just demands that affect the life of the Yemeni citizen do not stand against them only an enemy of the Yemeni people and those who do not want to achieve peace and close the file of confrontation and war.

The coalition countries are taking the slogan of peace and negotiations as a phased tactic aiming to rearrange their cards to continue their aggression and their efforts to plunder the wealth of the Yemeni people and control sea outlets, islands and coastal cities of Yemen. These are matters that the coalition countries bear the consequences of due to their insistence on continuing the war, the siege and their occupation of the southern and eastern Yemeni provinces and the Yemeni islands.

The Sultanate of Oman has been made commendable efforts in its good endeavors to find opportunities to achieve a lasting and just peace that guarantees Yemen’s security, sovereignty, unity, independence and territorial integrity.

In general, the Omani mediation cannot achieve any success in its humanitarian efforts to find an honorable way out for all from this prolonged crisis unless there is a response by the coalition to Sanaa’s legitimate demands.