YEMEN Press Agency

Nasserist Reform Org condemns coalition’s massacres in Hodeidah, Amran

SANAA, June 28 (YPA) – The organization of Nasserist Reform condemned the crime of Saudi-led coalition warplanes’ raids on a bus carrying displaced people in Hodeidah province on Tuesday, which killed and injured 20 civilians.

The organization also denounced  the crime committed on Sunday by the coalition warplanes against a residential neighborhood in Amran province, which killed 9 civilians and wounded 20.

The Higher Committee for the organization, in a statement received by Yemen Press Agency, considered the targeting of the displaced people’s bus in Hodeidah and the terrible crime in Amran as war crimes which will not become statute of limitations.

The statement called on the United Nations and the Security Council to form a neutral commission to investigate crimes committed by the states of Saudi-led coalition in Yemen since 26 March, 2015, and the use of internationally prohibited weapons.


Sameera Hassn