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Int’l Orgs say women and children detained in UAE prisons in Yemen

SANAA, June 28 (YPA) – International human rights organizations have confirmed that the UAE secret prisons and detention centers in Southern of Yemen are full of women and children.

This came during a forum organized by International Center for Justice (GICJ) and the International Center for Justice and Human Rights at the UN Office in Geneva on Wednesday to discuss the human rights file on women in the UAE prisons in Yemen.

“After a long time, women detainees in the UAE prisons began talking about the violence and abuse they suffered,” Safwa Aissa, the Executive Director of the International Center for Justice and Human Rights said.

The UAE has secret prisons in Yemen and run by Emirati officials, she added, noting that the prisons included women and children.

“The UAE is trying to mute the various voices, through baseless allegations which are flagrant violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights”, Jalil Yilmaz, secretary general of GICJ Said.

“Unfortunately, the international community remains silent about this”, he added.

He stressed that they would continue their struggle at the United Nations Office in Geneva to defend the oppressed in the world, particularly in Palestine,( Myanmar’s Rakhine state) and in the Middle East.